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Kids' Games are a venue for children ages 1-12 that provide an opportunity of fun and learning for your lads and lasses. Kids get to experience our version of Scottish popular games in a non-competitive atmosphere. At the entrance to the Kid’s Games area they may pick up a description of all the fun things to do! How about trying your hand at Arts & Crafts, Caber Toss, Haggis Hurl, Sheaf Toss or Tug o' War. Kids may also participate in kid-sized versions of Scotland’s favorite sports--golf and soccer. The barnyard sheep and Heilan’ Coo’s are for picture taking only (no riding/sitting please).

Arts and Crafts

Kids Crafts
An opportunity for the kids to explore their artistic side by making some traditional Scottish themed paper crafts, coloring and puzzles.

Face Painting

Face Painting
Our impressive team of artists await your fabulous face to do cheek art or a full-mug masterpiece.
Look in the Mirror Creative Face Painting

Caber Toss

Kids Caber Toss
The caber is stood on end for the thrower with the large end up. The thrower hoists the caber up and cups the small end in his hands. They then take a short run with the caber and stop, pulling the caber so that the large end hits the ground and the small end flips over and faces away from the thrower. The caber is scored for accuracy as though the thrower is facing the 12:00 position on a clock face. A caber that lands at 12:00 position is a perfect score!

Haggis Hurl

Haggis Hurl
The haggis is thrown for both distance and accuracy from atop a whisky barrel. A split or burst haggis is immediately disqualified, as the haggis must be fit to eat after landing. The sport requires subtle technique rather than brute force, as the hurl must result in a gentle landing to keep the haggis skin intact. How far can you hurl the Haggis?

Sheaf Toss

Kids Sheaf Toss
The sheaf is a burlap bag stuffed with chopped rope and straw. The sheaf is tossed over a cross bar with a shovel. Three attempts are allowed at height. See how high you can get!

Wellie Toss

Kids Wellie Toss
The orgins of this game are a bit sketchy, but a whole lot of fun! From a standing position kids throw the Wellie (a Wellington boot) either under or over-hand, as far as possible within defined boundary lines. How far can you toss the Wellie?


Tug o War
Opponents from 2 sides try to pull each other across the mark.


All times are subject to change and events may be cancelled.
Times are approximate and intended to help you plan your family’s day.

Saturday & Sunday
Start End Event
9:00 am 4:00 pm Children's Area
9:00 am 4:00 pm Arts & Crafts
9:00 am 4:00 pm Face Painting
TBA TBA Junior Piper Performance