Scottish Heritage

Exploring history and culture

One thing that you can find at the Central Florida Scottish Highland Games every year is a place that not only displays and highlights various aspects of Scottish culture and history, but where you can also find out if you have a clan affiliation or tartan! The Scottish Heritage Tent has been a part of the Central Florida Games for many years and has become more popular year after year.

A large part of the tent is dedicated to rotating displays on Scottish history or culture. A sampling of the most recent displays involved Hadrian’s wall complete with Roman relics. Another one highlighted important women in Scottish history and the Scottish home. This display not only focused on several important women in Scottish history but displayed items that would have been used in a Scottish household between the mid-1700s to the mid-1800s. Other favorites have been displays and discussions on various Scottish castles. And a great favorite and dedicated to all military personnel were displays and discussions regarding the Scottish military regiments.

The other half of this display includes 6 to 8 stations with computers and/or reference books manned by volunteers that allows them to search surnames for potential clan affiliations and tartans for the guests attending the Games. This has become a much sought-after area and the lines get longer every year!

Anyah Cook, a member of Clan MacRae thru her late husband, Carleton, and secretary to the Scottish American Society of Central Florida and the Central Florida Scottish Highland Games, heads up this annual display.