Mirkwood Stage

Piper Jones

EJ Jones began his musical journey at the age of 11 when he began studying the traditional music of the Great Highland Bagpipe. At age 13 he had his first experience performing alone, busking on a street at a festival. Since then he has walked the two sides of the instrument: first in the lifetime study and performance of traditional music in competition, and second in the exposure to the public the power and wildness of the bagpipe as an instrument of the festival. In 2013 he refocused on performing full-time and created the group Piper Jones Band, which has had recent successes in headlining festivals across the US. EJ is embarking on an ongoing recording effort beginning with the 2015 release The Wandering Stars with bouzouki player Frances Cunningham and many friends.



McIntyre is a Celtic band featuring Lisa McIntyre (vocals, guitar, Irish bouzouki, mandolin ) and Sharon Hartmann (fiddle, banjo, vocals) with Terry Henson on bass and George Houston on percussion. McIntyre specializes in Celtic Folk Shenanigans at pubs and festivals across Florida and internationally. The band's motto is "Keep Calm and Get McIntyred!"


Hard To Port

Hard To Port is a unique group of friends and musicians who have played together and separately in a variety of other groups for many years now - the group now pools their talents under the moniker of "Hard To Port" which is a Celtic Fusion Band. Hard To Port


Ennis Pruitt

Scottish songs & tunes, as well as a few favorites from other celtic lands. Traditional songs and instruments meet high tech electronics – electric meets acoustic -- TechnoTrad. Flute, whistle, fiddle, mandolin, bodhran, guitar. Full blown harmonies, breakneck jigs & reels, and songs about battles, murders, drinking, womanizing, cattle reiving, swordfighting, and then drinking agin. And the NEXT song is about.... Ennis Pruitt