Schedule of Events

Any questions during the games please stop by the Society Tent located next to the Ceremony Field.

Please keep in mind that multiple events may be occuring at the same time.

Please refer to the Games Program (available at the games) for a complete list of events. Event times and locations are subject to change due to weather or unforseen circumstances.

The schedules are subject to change and all competition times are approximate. You must still check-in at the registration tent no later than 8:30am. Please check with your steward before your start time to see how its going. Thank You Good Luck to ALL!

Friday Night (host hotel)

Event Location Time
Whisky Tasting Hilton Hotel 5:00 pm
Sponsors' Reception Hilton Hotel 7:00 pm
Scottish Country Dancing Hilton Hotel 8:00 pm
Music (Open to Everyone) Hilton Hotel 8:30 pm

Saturday and Sunday Schedule released late December-early January